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The negative impact of smoking on male potency

The negative impact of smoking on male potency


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The negative impact of smoking on male potency

Smoking as a factor in the occurrence of impotence in men. Smoking has a bad effect not only on potency, but also on the whole viagra vs cialis vs levitra body as a whole..

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This results in heart disease and hypertension buy vardenafil generic online. And this is a direct path for a man generic cialis 5 mg to heart attacks and strokes. In addition, the vessels of the lower extremities suffer from smoking. And if at first it is only pain in the legs from congestion, then later, trophic ulcers on the legs can form, which are very difficult to treat. And finally, the most deplorable result can be gangrene of the cialis levitra viagra lower extremities;

The next factor that will inevitably influence the development of erectile dysfunction in a man is a hormonal failure in the body of a smoker. Smoking cigarettes negatively affects the work of the adrenal glands. Smoking interferes with the proper functioning of the adrenal glands cheap generic cialis 60mg, they stop producing adrenaline in full, which slows down blood circulation.

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Excitation is not fully manifested, and accordingly, the man has problems with potency.

Weak potency breeds self-doubt. Psychological discomfort leads to a decrease in sexual desire. Intimate contacts become rare and irregular, or absent sildenafil 100mg altogether. This situation threatens with insufficient production of testosterone – the main sex hormones in men Insufficient hormonal activity of the body inevitably affects the level of potency;

at number three is the factor of the influence of cigarettes buy generic cialis uk on the reproductive function of the male body. The impact of cigarettes on the endocrine system makes it difficult to produce hormones that regulate the development of male germ cells. Spermatogenesis slows down, and sometimes stops altogether.

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The concentration of spermatozoa in the seminal cialis espa fluid, their quality of health and activity decrease. This can lead to severe malformations in newborns or inability to conceive..

Summing up how smoking affects potency, we can distinguish the following problems that arise in men:

insufficient blood circulation in the genital area;

male infertility;

weak erection kamagra 100mg 副作用;


low libido (sex drive);

psychoemotional disorder.

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